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High-quality lung function test results come from a respiratory scientist utilising their professional skills with the art of motivating patients and employees to achieve their best effort. Pulmonary abnormalities can be identified in the airways with spirometry, alveolar dysfunction with diffusing capacity, and restriction or hyperinflation/gas trapping with plethysmography. If you suspect that there may be asthma, we can look for reversibility with bronchodilators or airway hyperresponsiveness with challenge testing. Standard testing can help differentiate between COPD with or without emphysema and an interstitial lung disease such as pulmonary fibrosis. Whether testing patients with clinical symptoms such as breathlessness, chest tightness, wheeze or cough, employees in workplaces where dust or fumes are present, or as part of a corporate wellness program, we can offer respiratory function testing from basic screening onsite through to complex laboratory testing to meet clinical needs and legal requirements, all with the aim of enhancing lung health outcomes.