In even the safest work environment we can’t eliminate risk entirely. Dust or fumes are present in workplaces through common production processes, which in turn creates the potential for these hazardous materials to be inhaled and cause lung disease.

Not knowing whether your existing systems are keeping people safe and providing high-level evidence to meet your legal obligations is a risk and potentially illegal.

Our people, using specialised equipment, are dedicated to testing your employees so you can determine that they have healthy lungs and are capable of undertaking their work.

The Tasmanian Lung Service is a team of respiratory professionals; qualified scientific staff and physicians. The lung function tests that we conduct are far more reliable than having the box ticked from someone who has never been professionally trained in the science of respiratory testing. You can confidently expect that results from us will be highly accurate. In addition, results can alert to early signs of a problem which left unaddressed can have devastating consequences as well as make you, the employer, liable, as you have no proof to demonstrate you protected your workers with easily accessible testing. As each workplace has different levels of risk, we offer a range of testing options to suit.

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You may be surprised to know that people can lose 50% of their lung function before they become aware of a problem. With people in office-based roles, this is particularly relevant as they are not involved in strenuous physical activity that may otherwise highlight an issue.

Isn’t it confusing to choose what testing gives the best value for employees in your corporate wellness program?

The Tasmanian Lung Service works with your employees to provide exceptional quality results in just a few minutes of testing that will give clear evidence about lung health. We have the expertise to add value to the benefits you offer your employees and all this with the convenience of being conducted in the workplace. The Tasmanian Lung Service is a team of respiratory scientists and physicians who specialise in testing and evaluating lung function. We take quality control and international guidelines for lung testing seriously. Our respiratory scientists have been independently assessed and have internationally recognised credentials. Lung function testing is highly interactive and you will find that we have the skills and personality to work closely with your employees to achieve the most accurate result. With the confidence that comes from professional expertise and experience, we offer excellent value for the investment that you make in your employees’ health.

Download a brochure for more information and give us a call to discuss how we can implement lung function testing into your wellness programme. We look forward to hearing from you.